Writing log: 1/30/2017

I usually don’t write on Mondays.

Today I felt I really needed to since I didn’t get a chance to at all yesterday due to a family obligation as well as the news cycle.

Anyway, tonight I edited a chapter. That’s 4/12 for this character down and 4/25 overall. I’d say I’m aiming for a chapter a night during the week but that’s a goal I probably can’t reach. Tonight’s chapter was one of the rare ones from the second draft that was more or less decent as it was and concordant with what I wanted for the character in the third draft. Most of the chapters coming up aren’t like that and won’t be so easy to edit. Some need to be deleted and rewritten from scratch. Others merely need heavy revision. So perhaps half a chapter a night might be more optimistic. On my days off I’ll obviously be able to do more writing/editing, of course.

Once I’ve finished the third draft I’ll be doing another read through. After this I’ll do what I’m calling a “Draft 3.5” where I make any minor-moderate changes I feel the story needs. After that I’ll likely be sending it off to beta readers. Hopefully this’ll happen by mid-March the latest.

Thanks for reading!