The first post (of many?)

In January 2013 I started the original I’d just been denied from a job I desperately wanted – though the person who interviewed me encouraged me to apply again a few months later. I thought having my own website would make me appear more legitimate (I had no business thinking I was legitimate, then or now) and would increase my chances of getting the job a few months later (I didn’t get it; they wanted somebody good).

By January 2014 I had no career prospects. I was broke and going nowhere, so I shut the site down. I used my Tumblr as the place for all my half-finished personal writing and “career” updates like being invited onto a Canadian radio show to complain about Game of Thrones (or whatever).

We’re about to hit January 2017 – almost three years from when I shut down. So much has changed since then yet so little has changed. Here I am, starting back up for similar reasons. I want to appear more legitimate (and legitimate people have sites like this). I want a place *that I own* for my writing. There’s slightly more to the story but maybe I’ll reveal that some other time.

I hope to update the site at least once a week as I’ve missed personal writing dearly.

By the way the header image on the site is via a Flickr account named Shutterhacks. Thanks!